St John’s welcomes everyone – whatever their beliefs– and encourages people to feel free to express their spirituality or practise their religion in their own way.

St John’s is committed to ‘holistic care’. This means that whatever is important for each individual person matters to us. When you are unwell, you, and those close to you, may have questions or concerns which can be emotional, mental or spiritual, as well as the physical symptoms of the illness.

Questions may be about your illness and what is important to you at this time; questions about the meaning and purpose of life or hopes and fears for yourself and your family and friends.

If you would find it helpful to talk to someone, one of our Chaplains can share some of those questions and feelings that may arise when you are ill. If you wish, they can also visit you at home. The Chaplains also have contact with clergy and faith leaders within the local community and, if you wish, can arrange for one of them to visit you and your family.

Spiritual and religious care is available for everyone using the hospice’s services, either on our wards, in the Day Therapy Unit or at home.

The Chapel

phot o showing chapel window a table and sofaThe Chapel is set apart as a peaceful and calm space. You will notice that there is a book where you can record thoughts and memories. You can also take a tealight candle home to light in your own homes.

You may also find it restful and peaceful to spend some time in the garden.

If you are a patient on one of our wards, you are able to have Holy Communion at your bedside. If you would like this, or a visit from someone from your own specific faith tradition, please speak to a member of staff.

Information for local clergy and faith leaders

Members of the local clergy and community faith group leaders are welcome to visit patients on request whilst they are staying with us on our wards.

If you would like to see a chaplain, you can ask our staff to contact them or you may want to ring our chaplains directly:  Fr Andy on 07804312988 or June on 07393266674 or leave a message on their office number 03000212165.