St John’s Hospice Inpatient Unit

St John’s Hospice is dedicated to the provision of Specialist Palliative and End of Life Care to adult patients and their families in and around the Doncaster locality.

Female receptionist sitting at reception desk

We have ten fully refurbished single bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and private access to the landscaped garden. We also have the facility to convert two of these single rooms into double occupancy, as not all patients want to have a single room.

There are assisted bathing facilities in a spa style bathroom and access to the hairdressing service as well as other complimentary therapies such as Massage and Art therapy.

Here at St John’s Hospice we have an ‘open visiting’ policy for relatives so that you can visit any time of day or night. We have facilities for a small number of relatives to stay overnight and there is also a comfortable relatives lounge, kitchen and dining area. For more information about the facilities available at the hospice please click here.

Length of Stay

Length of stay is dependent on both the reason for admission and individualised need. Unfortunately, due to the demand on our service, we are unable to accommodate indefinite lengths of stay.

Reasons for Admission

Symptom Management

  • Complex, uncontrolled or difficult to manage symptoms.
  • If symptom management is required in a controlled specialist environment.

End of Life Care

  • If a patient is nearing the end of life and has chosen the hospice as their preferred place to die. We will try our hardest to accommodate the patient’s needs and wishes; however admission is dependent on bed availability.

For more comprehensive information about how to admit a patient to St John’s Hospice or to other Hospice Services please read our referral criteria, print off a Hospice Services referral form.


Whilst on the Unit

Nursing staff pictured next to an inpatient bedOn arrival to the unit you will be shown to your room and given information about the facilities. A doctor and a nurse will visit you shortly after arriving to assess, plan and discuss with you both your reason for admission and your plan of care throughout your stay.

Our experienced and knowledgeable nurses provide care 24 hours a day rotating through 3 different shift patterns e.g. Morning, Afternoon and Nights.

Our team of doctors work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and we have an on-call system that covers the weekends, Out of Hours and Bank Holidays.

Our Specialist Palliative Care Consultant does a ward round between 10am – 1pm every Monday and Thursday morning, if you would like your family to be with you, then they are welcome to attend. Every Wednesday morning we have a Multidisciplinary meeting, where we collectively as a clinical team, discuss all Specialist Palliative Care Patients (across all settings) treatment plans.

We work very closely with Allied Health Professionals such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians and Social Workers, all of whom are available to visit the unit to help with your care, if considered appropriate.

If you have any special requirements such as diet, need home comforts or you would like your pet to visit then please discuss this with a member of the unit team.

Our Regular Senior Clinical Team are:

  • Consultant in Palliative Medicine – Lucy Adkinson
  • Consultant in Palliative Medicine – Madhubrata Hazra
  • Nurse Consultant in Palliative Care – Heidi Atkinson
  • Service Manager – Andrew Brankin
  • Clinical Team Leader (Inpatient Unit)- Samantha Edwards
  • Clinical Team Leader (Community Hospice Teams) – Sarah Bell