Lead Physiotherapist Sally Wheater (right) is pictured with the St John’s Day Therapy Unit Team.

The St John’s Day Therapy Unit is a service running from St John’s Hospice. This is available to
patients living with a life limiting palliative condition. The Day Therapy Unit aims to improve your
quality of life and symptoms through meeting other people and taking part in a range of guided
activities. During this time, we will work towards your goals, aiming to optimise quality of life as
much as possible.

This is a therapy led service which means we are unable to provide medical treatment at the Day
Therapy Unit. You would still need to contact your GP for any general medical concerns that you
may have. If you have concerns regarding symptoms of your palliative condition, we may be able
to signpost you to our specialist nursing and medical colleagues if appropriate.

Referral process

A healthcare professional (such as a GP, specialist nurse, district nurse) can refer you to the service. Please discuss with them if you would like to be referred and they can consider this.

Once we receive your referral, this will be reviewed and if appropriate, you will be contacted to
attend for a face-to-face assessment. This will allow us to gather more information from you. We
will then assess to see whether the Day Therapy Unit would be of clinical benefit for you.

What to expect during the sessions

  • The Day Therapy Unit currently has a variety of sessions and options available. We will work with
    you during your initial assessment to decide which would be best for you. Sessions will usually be
    in group settings but in specific circumstances may be 1:1. These may be full or half day sessions
    or in clinic type formats.
    The sessions will offer a variety of options depending on which you attend, but this may include:
  • Peer support and socialising
  • Range of activities supported by our activity coordinator
  • Programme of self-management education sessions
  • Exercise classes
  • Opportunity for one to one assessments and support
  • Offer of complementary therapies/hairdressing (mainly free of charge apart from a small charge for certain treatments)
  • Signposting and referrals to appropriate services
  • A range of information resources
  • Lunch (if appropriate) and refreshments free of charge.

The Team

  • Physiotherapist
  • Assistant Practitioners
  • Complementary Therapists
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Hairdresser.


Patients are encouraged to use their own transport where possible. However, in cases where this
isn’t possible, we do have limited access to volunteer drivers who may be able to transport you here.

Meals and refreshments

Refreshments will be available throughout the day. A lunchtime meal will be provided for the full
day session and this can be ordered from a menu. You are also welcome to bring your own food and drink if required.

We will need to know any dietary requirements and any allergy information that you may have
prior to attending the Day Therapy Unit.

What to bring with you

You will need to bring any required medications with you. These will need to be kept safe on your
person during the day. We are unable to either assist with or administer medications.

Where to find us

The Day Therapy Unit, St John’s Hospice, Weston Road, Balby, Doncaster DN4 8JS


For any further information or queries, please phone the Day Therapy Unit Team on
03000 211145. Alternatively, you can phone the Hospice on 03000 213666 and ask to speak to the Day Therapy Unit Team.