Training & Induction

The Hospice operates an informal system of training ‘on the job’ for new volunteers, which is backed up by a Trust Induction and training programme. You will be given information relating to mandatory and statutory training once you have been accepted as a volunteer.

Moving & handling training, food hygiene, hand hygiene and safeguarding training will also be given where appropriate to the role. All training is provided free of charge.

After starting as a volunteer

After you have commenced as a volunteer, there will be a trial period of 3 months, after which you will be able to feedback to the Voluntary Services Manager, decide if you are enjoying your role and if you wish to continue. Hopefully all will be well, but you can request to move to another position or you may decide that volunteering with us is not for you.

You can ask to change roles or decide to leave the Hospice at any time and the Voluntary Services Manager is always available if you have any queries or concerns about your volunteering role.


As a volunteer at the Hospice there are various opportunities open to you;

  • You may be offered access to additional training pertinent to the service you are supporting.
  • There are opportunities to develop your volunteer role or be trained to cover another hospice service.
  • You will be able to meet with fellow volunteers from the Hospice and Trust wide at the annual Volunteers Afternoon Tea usually held at the beginning of June each year. This coincides with National Volunteer Week.

Volunteering is an excellent way to develop new skills and gain experience if you are perhaps thinking about making a career change or hoping to go on to further study. It is also an excellent way of using your free time to do something worthwhile and really make a difference.

The working environment is a friendly and welcoming one into which we hope you will become an integral part as one of our highly valued volunteers.