Administration Volunteers

Various weekdays, times by arrangement with relevant service.

Volunteers work with different departments throughout the hospice and information and support centre, providing administrative support to the professional teams.


  • Filing
  • Photocopying
  • General administration duties

Core skills:

  • Basic office skills
  • Phone answering skills/message taking skills

Responsible to: Head of relevant service/Voluntary Services Manager

Day Therapy Unit Volunteers

Monday to Friday to be agreed with service,

This group of volunteers works closely with our patients, serving refreshments and meals, helping with activities such as painting, clay work, and card making, and generally interacting with them throughout the day to ensure they receive maximum benefit from their time at the hospice.


  • Welcome patients
  • Make teas and coffees/assist with lunch menu
  • Assist patients walking/moving around
  • Assist patients whilst eating
  • Talk with patients/play games/assist with activities etc
  • Helping to tidy the day unit at the end of the day.

Core Skills:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to relate to other people
  • Reasonable physical fitness

Responsible to: Day Therapy Leaders/Voluntary Services Manager

Volunteer Drivers

Monday to Friday, various times between 9am to 5pm.

Volunteer drivers work with different departments within the hospice and information and support centre to ensure patients and carers are able to attend clinics / appointments / day care placements on a regular basis. Drivers will collect patients/carers from their homes in their own car and transport them to the hospice, then return them home again.


  • Assist patients to and from the car
  • Drive patients to and from the Hospice/Information and Support Centre
  • Mandatory driving assessment

Core Skills:

  • Competent driver
  • Interpersonal/Communication skills
  • Reasonable physical fitness

Responsible to: Day Care Leaders/Voluntary Services Manager

Reception Volunteers

Reception cover is over seven days a week including Bank Holidays.

  • 8.30am – 12.30pm
  • 12.30pm – 4pm
  •  4pm – 7pm

One or two shifts per week, to be agreed with the Supervisor of the service area (minimum commitment of one shift per week).

Reception volunteers at the Hospice are the first point of contact for our visitors. They are responsible for greeting visitors, patients, their relatives and friends, ensuring everyone receives a warm welcome.


  • To work alongside Nursing and Admin teams to maintain a safe environment
  • To protect the patient’s privacy and dignity at all times
  • To maintain a clean and tidy environment, monitoring plants and flowers etc.
  • To meet and greet patients and visitors to St John’s Hospice
  • To direct patients and visitors to the appropriate department, liaising with ward clerks if it is the visitor’s first visit to the building
  • To assist visitors and staff if anyone wishes to purchase items displayed in the main reception area, including cards, hand made goods and raffle tickets and liaise with the Fundraising Team with regards to cash flow and stock.

Core skills:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to behave in a discreet manner
  • Numeracy and cash handling.

Responsible to: Voluntary Services Manager

Inpatient Unit Volunteers

Responsible to: Senior Sister/Voluntary Services Manager

Any day of the week, 11am to 2pm, 4pm to 8pm (dependant on ward requirements), one day per week. One or two shifts per week (A minimum of one shift per week) to be agreed with supervisor of the service.

These volunteers work closely with the nursing staff on the inpatient unit, serving meals and refreshments to patients and their families, arranging flowers, general housekeeping around the ward and talking to patients and relatives on the unit.


  • Inform nursing staff if a patient complains of feeling unwell
  • Assist with main entrance intercom system from ward clerk’s desk whenever main reception is not staffed
  • Meet and greet new visitors to the ward environment and signpost available facilities, e.g. ward kitchen, toilets
  • Prepare patient’s bedrooms for mealtimes, e.g. ensure table tops are cleared and cleaned, offer handwashing/handwipes etc.
  •  Liaise with the catering team to support patients with mealtimes, set out the trays, deliver to each patient room and prepare trays for next mealtime
  • Support the catering team with mealtimes both prior to, and after patient meals
  • Support patients and visitors with drinks, refreshments and afternoon tea including refreshing water jugs
  • Ensure any flowers and plants are monitored and removed as appropriate (with patient’s permission)
  • Support meaningful activities with patients, such as playing cards, dominoes etc, chatting with patients, reading to patients and general conversation whenever patient indicates interest. However you need to be aware of patient cues and acknowledge that activities may not be appropriate at that time
  • Work alongside Nursing Team to maintain a safe environment
  • Liaise with Nursing Team regarding any non-clinical stock replenishment needed, e.g. stationary, photocopying or ward cupboards
  • Protect the patient’s privacy, dignity and confidentiality at all times
  • Maintain a clean and tidy environment, particularly in communal areas such as Conservatory, Chapel, Family Room etc.
  • Meet and greet/direct relatives being aware of any visitors restrictions.

Core skills:

  • Patience, tact and sensitivity
  • Interpersonal/Communication skills
  • Be punctual and reliable
  • Good team worker.


Volunteer Gardeners

Responsible to Voluntary Services Manager, supervised by the Trust’s Grounds Team staff.

One full day per week, or two half days per week (weather permitting) yo be agreed with the supervisor of the service area (minimum commitment of one shift per week).

To undertake grounds maintenance tasks and upkeep the St John’s Hospice outdoor garden areas.


  • All areas of grounds maintenance, based on seasonal tasks
  • Clearing, weeding and tidying of garden areas, including lawns, bedding plants, shrubbery
  • Monitoring, weeding and watering of hanging baskets and containers in the garden areas
  • Under the supervision of the grounds team, assist with appropriate tasks following specific instructions
  • Ensure garden furniture is safe to use, reporting any issues to hospice staff
  • Ensure summer house and storage area is clean and tidy.

Core skills:

  • A professional manner at all times
  • Be punctual and reliable
  • Good team worker.


Fundraising and Events Volunteers

Responsible to the St John’s Hospice Fundraising Team. To assist with fundraising and events for St John’s Hospice, in and around Doncaster.  Minimum commitment of one shift at various events, wherever possible.


  • Support fundraising events, may include meet and greet participants and spectators
  • Assist with setting up and taking down equipment at events
  • Help at stalls and assist with sales, tombola, raffle etc at events
  • Collect donations via buckets and collection tins at events or at supermarket collection days.
    • Help at events such as Coffee Mornings and Christmas or Easter Fayres
    • Sell raffle tickets
    • Support at health promotion events on occasion
    • Provide occasional light information about the hospice to anyone that enquires and refer them to the correct member of staff should they have any questions that need a more in depth response.

Core Skills:

  • A professional manner at all times
  • Be punctual and reliable
  • Good team worker.