Graphic showing collection tins and text: every penny helps! thank you for supporting us

Collection box

  • We’ve hospice collection boxes for your spare change – call in to our hospice or give staff a call to get one.

 Hospice t-shirts

  • We have hospice t-shirts in small, medium, large, XL & XXL and hospice running vests in small, medium & large for those taking part in fundraising events.

Collection buckets & tins

  • We’ve hospice collection buckets and tins for events – the buckets and tins are provided with tamper proof security seals, and the tins come with or without security chains. If you are organising a fundraising event and need equipment to collect monies safely & securely, then please contact the hospice to discuss requirements.

Organise a sponsored event

  • Get people to join in and get themselves sponsored – probably the best (and easiest) way to raise money.

Get on your bike

  • From a local cycle race, to riding wheeled toys, there are lots of ways to fundraise on wheels.

Hunt for treasure

  • Your area is full of fascinating stories, so dig some up, turn them into clues and organise a treasure hunt. Everyone will enjoy the adventure.

Jelly wellies

  • Put jelly in your wellies for a great sponsorship idea for kids of all ages who fancy running the squelchiest race of their lives.

Organise a talent contest

  • Do your thing, sing, dance, do magic! Get sponsorship and don’t forget to sell tickets to all your family and friends.


  • Keep schtum for the day. You might be surprised how much your family and colleagues will cough up in order for you to keep quiet!

Plant sales

  • These are a great idea for green-fingered fundraisers.

Wear something funny

  • Spend the day in your pyjamas, dress as your favourite comedy character or put your clothes on back to front.
  • Do it on your own or with colleagues or classmates and charge everyone to join in.

Quiz nights

  • These are always popular and hotly contested!

Wax it

  • Your legs, your chest, your back – if it’s hairy, get it waxed for cash.

Have a sponsored sleepover at your house

  • Make sure everyone comes in their pyjamas and bake lots of cakes and goodies. Do a sponsored stay awake or sponsored don’t yawn competition – see who can hold out the longest!

Give something up

  • Chocolate, biscuits, coffee – get sponsored to give up something you love.

Up the bidding

  • Have a charity bridge or poker game.

Cricket, football, goalball….

  • Whatever your bag, have a knock-out contest and charge people to join a team. Charge admission and sell refreshments.

Go outward bound

  • A weekend adventure is the perfect way to promote teamwork within your company while raising money for charity.


  • If you’ve a budding Beckham in the family, sponsor them to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible.

Down under

  • Your friends and neighbors will love an Aussie-themed party, so stock up on the beer and fire up the barbie!