Spotlight on our our Nurse Consultant

Nurse Consultant Heidi Atkinson

It’s Hospice Care Week and we’re shining the spotlight on our Nurse Consultant Heidi Atkinson.

Heidi is based at St John’s Information Centre and is the Clinical Lead for St John’s Hospice services and all palliative care and end of life services across Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).

Having worked for the Trust for over nine years, Heidi plays an integral role in providing advanced clinical guidance and expertise in the patient setting. She also develops procedures and policies, as well as educational training to inform healthcare professionals who deliver palliative and end of life care within the Trust and to wider healthcare partners.

After beginning her nurse training in 1992, Heidi has worked in an acute, community and palliative care nursing, she’s also worked in pharmaceuticals, and completed a MSc in Pain Management which helped develop her knowledge and understanding of medication. This supports her in her role as our Non-Medical Prescribing Lead for Physical Health. During the course of her service in the NHS she has developed an extensive breadth and depth of experience in working with patients and families who require palliative and end of life care and support.

Heidi said: “Throughout my career I’ve always loved learning and improving my knowledge in order to solve problems and make a difference for patients and families.

“My vision has always been to create the best possible patient-centred palliative and end of life care services for everyone who needs them. I’m extremely proud of the services we provide, and the highly skilled team of dedicated healthcare professionals we have to deliver them.

“It is a privilege to work alongside them and see the impact we can make as a team for patients and families who need and deserve our care and support.

“We are all very supportive towards each other, which makes St John’s Hospice a fabulous place to work.”