Roaring Teddy Bear Appeal success

If you go down to Doncaster’s hospice today you’ll be in for a big surprise……

Because every bear that ever there was has gathered at St John’s Hospice in Balby thanks to Thorne Rural Lions.

Suzanne Prime, of the Lions, organised a teddy bear donation with the Lions buying £100 worth of bears and other members making bear donations.

The Lions donated 46 teddy bears, which are used by hospice staff as part of their Teddy Bear project. Young people visiting loved ones at the hospice are allowed to pick a teddy bear to help them cope with their loss and grief.

Suzanne said: “I think that when children have to cope with a relative’s end of life at a young age it’s not nice and there should be something special for them. I was overwhelmed when I found out about the teddy bear appeal and thank everyone for their donations.”

Lindsey Richards, of the hospice, said: “What a fantastic donation. I want to thank the Lions for their on-going support to our hospice.”

Members of the Thorne Rural Lions are pictured with the teddy bears together with Lindsey Richards, of the hospice (3rd from left back row) and hospice volunteer Elizabeth Taylor (2nd from left back row).