Mike’s ready to run – please give him your support

Big-hearted Mike Brown is just days away from realising his pledge to run a blistering151 kilometres in 24 hours for charity.

He’s raising funds for Doncaster’s St John’s Hospice as a thank you for the “fantastic” care his mum received there.

Mike’s ready to go

The branch manager with pumping solutions business, Selwood, has published his itinerary for running the punishing equivalent of a staggering 3.6 marathons, starting off at the Harlington Inn, near Doncaster at 11am on Friday 22 October 2021, then grinding his way along the Trans Pennine Trail on route to his finishing point on the east coast at Hornsea at between 10.30 and 11am on Saturday 23rd October 2021.

Mike,43, from Hemingbrough, near Selby, chose the 151 kilometres (nearly 94 miles) target because it was the combined age of his parents Bob and Shirley, from Kirk Sandall, when they passed away – mum in 2019 and dad in June this year.

The keen athlete has set the challenge of raising £1,510 for St John’s – £10 for every year of his mum and dad’s life.

“I’ve linked into the 75th anniversary celebrations of Selwood, as this year they are planning to raise £75,000 for charity. They are supporting my challenge and I also have set up a donation page for anyone else who would like to contribute.

Hospice fundraiser Lindsey Richards said: “What an amazing feat to undertake to help St John’s, we can’t thank Mike and his Selwood colleagues enough for their support and commitment.”

Link to Mike’s donation page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/selwood-limited28

If you are anyway near Mike’s gruelling charity run please come and support him. Here’s where and when he will be during the toughest 24 hours of his life:

11am Start Friday 22nd October 2021

Start Point – Harlington Inn PH DN5 7HT – Doncaster Road (Going to Sprotbrough) Section Distance: 9.6km

(Anyone is welcome to run or bike from here)

Sprotbrough  DN5 7NB – Stop at Boat Inn Sprotbrough Falls Nursery Lane (Going to Bentley)

Arrival Time Approx. 1200hrs (5 Minute Stop) Section Distance: 6.4km

Travelled distance to this point: 9.6km

Bentley DN5 0DA – Stop across from the Bay Horse Inn on Cooke Street on the entrance to Truman Street (Going to Braithwaite)

Arrival Time Approx. 1255hrs (5 Minute Stop)

Section Distance: 14.4km

Braithwaite DN7 5SU – Stop just after the corner of Low Lane and Braithwaite Lane (Going to Crowcroft Bridge)

Arrival Time Approx. 1450hrs (5 Minute Stop)

Section Distance: 10.4km

Crowcroft Bridge  DN14 0EY – Stop at Balne Croft Lane where it meets Crowcroft Lane (Going to Snaith)

Arrival Time Approx. 1605hrs (5 Minute Stop)

Snaith DN14 9HY – Stop at end of Gowdell Lane meeting main road Ferry Lane (Going to Selby)

Arrival Time Approx. 1650hrs (5 Minute Stop) Section Distance: 15.6km

Distance travelled to this point: 47.2km

Selby Y08 5AA  – Stop at A19 Barlby Road pull just over toll bridge (Going to Hemingbrough)

Arrival Time Approx. 1850hrs (5 Minute Stop)

Hemingbrough Y08 6QE – Stop to walk and on Main Street (Going to Barmby On the Marsh)

Arrival Time Approx. 1950hrs (Stop at home to refresh – 30mins break) Section Distance: 4.2km

Distance travelled to this point: 69.8km

Barmby-On-The-Marsh DN14 7HT Stop at Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant on High Street (Going to Howden)

Arrival Time Approx. 2120hrs (5 Mins Stop)

Section Distance: 6.4km

Distance Travelled to this point: 74km Neil

Howden  DN14 7DN – Stop at Treeton Road Playing fields car park on left (Going to Blacktoft)

Arrival Time Approx. 2225hrs (5 Mins Stop) Section Distance: 12km

Distance Travelled to this point: 80.4km

Blacktoft  DN14 7YW – Stop at the Holy Trinity Church on Blacktoft Lane (Going to Ellerker)

Arrival Time Approx. 0010hrs (5 Mins Stop) Section Distance: 12km

Distance travelled to this point: 92.4km Neil – Bike

Ellerker  HU15 2DU – Stop at The corner of the playing fields where Ings Lane meets Main Street (Going to Welton)

Arrival Time Approx. 0155hrs (5 mins stop)

Section Distance: 6.4km

Distance travelled to this point: 104.4km

Welton HU15 1NZ  – Stop at Temple Walk T-Junction where it meets Welton Old Road (Going to Hessle)

Arrival time approx. 0255hrs

Section Distance: 10.4km

Hessle  HU13 0AE – Stop at The Co-Op on the Square – (Going to Hull City Centre) After running under the Humber bridge on Cliffe Road, take a left turn onto Redcliffe Rd. Continues onto Woodfield Rd, and over the motorway (A63 Clive Sullivan Way).

Then turn right turn onto Southfield and joins station road. Take a left at Southgate and straight up. Left turn at the T-Junction takes you on to The Square Arrival Time approx. 0415hrs

Section Distance: 8km

Distance travelled to this point: 121.2km

Hull  HU1 2BP – Stop at the Junction of Queens Dock Avenue – (Going to A165 Holderness Road)

From the square, continue on and bears left turning into Hull Road. After 5 roundabouts this turns into Hessle Rd. Continue straight up Hessle Rd all the way until the main Rd comes to a large sweeping right-hand bend. Bear left keeping on Hessle Rd and take a left turn up St Nectan Close the trail goes through here on to Dairy Coates Avenue – Turn Left. Follow this up to the cross roads and turn right on to Woodcock Street. As road bears left take a right / straight on onto a trail. This continues onto Gordon Street. Continue over roundabout onto Cholmoly Street. At T-Junction take a left onto Coltman. Turn right onto Bean Street. Past Euston Close on the left and turn right onto a track. Continue on the track under Rawling way and take a right followed by a left onto Harthill Drive. This bears right and turns into Great Thornton Street. Over cross-roads and continue up. At the T-Junction turn left onto Walker Street followed by a sharp left onto Icehouse Road then a first left onto Cambridge Street. Follow Cambridge Street up to the T-Junction and turn right onto Pease Street. Next take a left onto St Lukes Street. Continue over the roundabout this turns into Osbourne Street. Go straight over Fearnsway (dual carriage way) Then take next left onto Anne Street. At Anlaby Road cross-roads turn right onto Carr Lane. Follow Carr lane right to the top where it meets the Junction of Queens Dock Avenue.

Arriva Time approx. 0515hrs

Section Distance: 10.8km

Distance travelled to this point: 129.2km Neil

A165 Holderness Road  HU8 7NA – (Going to Great Hatfield)

From the Stop turn right onto Queens Dock Avenue, this turns into Alfred Gelder Street. Continue all the way up and road turns into Clarence Street at the cross roads, continue on, over the River Hull. Continue up Clarence Street until it meets the A165 (Go under it) and Stop at the other side which is Dansome Lane South Arrival Time approx. 0700hrs

Section Distance: 6.4km

Distance travelled to this point: 140km

Great Hatfield  HU11 4UY – From Dansome Lane South follow this northbound. After passing a street called Wilton Street to the right, take a left turn back on to a track just after the Humberside Engineering Training centre. On that track bear right and over ST Mark Street. Follow straight up across Chapman street then bearing right across Mount Pleasant A1033. Follow trail and bear left coming back over James Reckitt Avenue then track bears right. Follow the trail northbound again and then goes over a railway line then bears right still on the trail. This is now the Hornsea Rail Trail. Keep following trail over / past Chamberlain Rd. Continue on the trail. Will go underneath Sutton Road (Tunnel) Keep going through Barbara Robson’s Playing field and under Robson Way. Continue over Sutton Cross Drain (Dyke), Continue and go over Holderness Drain (Larger Dyke) Continue on until crossing A165 Oubrough Lane. Continue up and cross Skirlaugh Rd. Continue on and the next Rd to Cross is Lambwath Lane. Continue and cross straight over Lambwath Drain (Dyke). Continue up to next road (Sigglesthorne Rd Great Hatfield) Stop at Sigglesthorpe Rd (Main Road – This will be the last stop point for the car before the finish). (Going to Hornsea)

Arrival Time approx. 0800hrs

Section Distance: 6.4

Distance travelled to this point: 146.4km

Hornsea  HU18 1QD – From Sigglesthorne Rd, do a right then a left back onto the trail. Continue on to next road (track) then bear left then right back onto the trail. Continue to next road (Hull Road) straight over back onto trail. Continue on to the end of the trail. Off the trail take a right turn onto Sands Lane meets South Promenade and we finish at the statue next to the doughnut shack!)

Arrival Time approx. 1030 – 1100hrs

Total Distance travelled to this point: 152.8km Known finishers with me will be:

Neil – Bike

Anita – Run

Katri – Run



  • St John’s Hospice is run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).To find out about becoming a sponsor or to fundraise by holding an event, please contact the fundraising team on 01302 796662 or 01302 798391. Alternatively you can donate here: