Make a Will Month 2024

To mark Dying Matters Week (6 to 12 May), we’re delighted to be teaming up with Switalskis Solicitors to offer the opportunity to offer you a free will writing service throughout the month of May.

Did you know that more than 54% of adults have not written a Will?

Without one, you’re not fully in control of what will happen to your property, money and possessions are distributed after your death.

Making a Will is much easier than you think. A solicitor will guide you through the process so you can ensure that your wishes are respected, and your loved ones and favourite charities receive the gifts you want them to have.

During our Make a Will Month Switalskis have kindly waived their usual will writing fees so that you can leave a donation to the Hospice instead. This allows us to keep supporting people in their time of need and gives you peace of mind that you have everything in order for your loved ones. This is for a limited number of wills so if you haven’t booked in yet, we recommend you do this as soon as possible. The Switalskis will writing service is a first come, first served basis!

Remembering St John’s Hospice in your Will

There is no obligation to include St John’s Hospice in your Will and you don’t need to inform us of your intentions as part of our Make a Will Month.

Your Will is a private matter between you and your solicitor. However, after providing for their loved ones, people may wish to leave a gift to their favourite charity.

If you decide to remember St john’s Hospice in your Will, you’ll be supporting local patients and families in the future. Leaving a gift is easy and anyone can do it. Whether it’s a sum of money, a specific item, or a share of your property, your gift will help ensure that our hospice services are here for generations to come.

The size of the gift you leave is entirely your choice. However, as a guide, we suggest at least £100 for a simple Will, or £150 for a simple couple’s will. Switalski are providing their time and expertise at no cost to the Hospice, so please consider the value of their time when you decide how much to donate.

How do I make a Will?

A will can be made on a sheet of paper and be written as you like, as long as it’s signed by you and witnessed as required by law.

But an individual will, or one with conflicting instructions, could be challenged in court. This can cause issues for those you love and will cause them additional stress and expense of a lawsuit. This is why it’s best to work with a professional.

What should my will include?

Your will is yours, which means you can include what you want in it, things like:

  • What happens to your children or pets
  • Who gets any property you own
  • What happens to your Facebook and social media accounts
  • Where your favourite jewellery goes.

Before getting started, it’s worth listing your assets and any sentimental items you’d like to leave. you should also think about arrangements for your children’s care, if there are any charities or causes you’d like to support and consider whether you’d like to leave specific instructions for your funeral.

What if I forget to include something?

Going through your entire life’s possessions is a lot and some things get forgotten. To help mitigate this you could include a ‘residuary gift’, that sets our what happens if there’s anything not included.

This can also help, for example, if someone you want to inherit dies before you do.

Without a residuary gift, any part of your estate of possessions not covered by your will, is divided according to intestacy laws.

How to choose and Executor

Executors make sure the wishes in your will are carried out. It’s a good idea to name more than  one executor. If can be anyone you trust. Most people choose a friend, relative or solicitor. your executor can inherit from your will as well as beneficiaries.

What about my memories?

When Switalskis write your will with you they will give you a special booklet to include your memories in. We also have a Switskit tin. This is a special tin for you to keep your will and other important things ins so they’re in one place for your loved ones to access when they need it. You have space in here to put your favourite pictures, any important information or memories that you want them to have.

For more information please down load this Make a will month handout

Want to get started?

Get on touch with Switalskis on 0800 1380 458, or contact them through the website