Giant leap taken for the hospice

An 82-year-old Doncaster man has plunged 10,000 feet, to get the cash rolling in for Balby’s hospice.

Alan Hessell, of Branton, who used to work as air crew for the RAF, took a step back in time and headed for a plane with a parachute to take the leap.

Alan, whose wife Betty died in St John’s Hospice recently, wanted to say ‘thank you’ to hospice staff for their care not only to Betty but to the whole family.

Alan took to the skies at Langar Airfield and took part in a tandem skydive falling from the aircraft at 120 miles per hour, raising £1,487 for the hospice.

Alan said: “I loved every minute of the skydive. It was excellent, and it helped me to raise so much money for St John’s Hospice. I wanted to do something as a way of saying thank you for the care they provided to my wife and my family.”

Alan would  like to thank his family, friends, Doncaster Golf Club and neighbours whose kind donations helped him to raise this fantastic amount.

Lindsey Richards, of the hospice, said: “What a fabulous achievement. Thank you Alan for your support and for the amazing amount of money you have raised. Every penny will go towards caring for our patients and their loved ones.”

The hospice is run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).

Alan is pictured landing after the skydive.


Alan is pictured on his tandem skydive.