Friends of St John’s Hospice

Friends of St John's Hospice poster image

We’d like your expertise and insight into how we can improve what we do, so we’re inviting you to be come a Friend of St John’s Hospice.

What is Friends of St John’s Hospice?

Friends of St John’s Hospice is a small group of people who have used experience of our services, as either a patient, family member, carer, loved one of a patient, or volunteer.

The group will meet to discuss how St John’s Hospice services and fundraising activities are currently delivered and how the quality of our care can be maintained or improved.

What’s involved?

The group will aim to meet at St John’s Hospice every three months. In these meetings we will:

  • Review how our services are provided and developed
  • Review feedback from Hospice users and suggest areas for improvement
  • Hear about our fundraising plans and give feedback about our events and activities
  • Discuss how to raise awareness about the range of our services, that take place within the hospice
  • Act as the voice for Hospice service users alongside staff and volunteers of St John’s Hospice in the delivery and planning of services.

If you’d like to join, or require more information, please contact Jenny Baynham on email, or phone 03000 212000, or Sam Edwards on email, or phone 03000 213659.