Doncaster man’s unique way of painting

A Doncaster man who attends our day hospice in Doncaster has found an unusual way to express his artistic talents by using his mouth to paint pic-tures.

Philip Hood, aged 30 from Wheatley in Doncaster, has been living with a neurological condition for over 12 years which causes muscle weakness and the inability to coordinate his arms. Philip has been attending St John’s Hospice for complementary therapies, art and crafts to help with his condition.

An avid music fan Philip used to play bass which he had to give up due to his condition. Philip said “I felt I was slipping into darkness with no purpose to my life. I saw a quote that said ‘Dream as you will live forever, live as you will die today’ and this changed my whole perspective.”

Philip started attending the day hospice one day a month in Balby. He began to regain his confidence after working with the Day Hospice Art Therapist Rachel Horne.

Rachel said “I could see Philip was a creative person and I wanted to help him express himself once more. He mentioned that he had seen someone on TV paint using their mouth and wanted to give it a go. At first he found it very hard but sure enough, with lots of encouragement he started to create paintings that amazed everyone.”

Philip, who now paints every week and has inspired many other people around him to try something new, is hoping to hold an exhibition for his art work to help motivate others.

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Philip Hood is pictured with his painting and Hospice Art Therapist Rachel Horne.

Philip Hood is pictured with his painting and Hospice Art Therapist Rachel Horne.