Can you help our hospice?

Staff at our Doncaster hospice are putting out a plea to see if any kind-hearted staff, residents or businesses can loan them a big marquee.

St John’s Hospice, off Weston Road, Balby, will celebrate its 25th birthday on September 2 by holding a fete from noon until 4pm.

Organisers of the event are busy planning the afternoon, but need to find someone who will loan them a marquee – up to a maximum of 18 x 8 metres

One of the organisers, Lindsey Richards, of the hospice appeal, said: “We need a marquee for our stall holders who will be attending the event. Marquees are so expensive to hire and we want the event to raise money for our appeal, so we’re making a plea to see if anyone in Doncaster can help us.”

If you think you can help please call Lindsey on 01302 796662 or email