Boost for hospice

Members of a Doncaster club have clubbed together and raised £300 for Balby’s St John’s Hospice.

Chairman of the club, Alan Littlewood, wanted to raise money for the local hospice and asked members during a game at one of the get-togethers to donate cash. Usually donations are around £5 per couple but once everyone knew where the money was going everyone donated over and above.

Alan said: “Danum41 Club members meet monthly, usually at a restaurant, and we hold an annual ‘Ladies Night’ that partners and friends are invited to. This is where the money was raised. I want to thank all of the members, their friends and family, as we raised an amazing amount for the hospice.”

Lindsey Richards, of the hospice, said: “I want to say thank you for this fantastic donation. Every penny will go towards caring for our patients and supporting their loved ones.”