£1000 donation for Doncaster hospice

Left to right: Lindsey Richards, St Johns Hospice and Karen Gyte from Freightliner.  

Left to right: Lindsey Richards, St Johns Hospice and Karen Gyte from Freightliner.  

 A donation of £1000 has been shipped to St John’s Hospice in Balby.

Freightliner, who regularly support charities asked staff for nominations of where to share the kindness next. Karen Gyte put St John’s Hospice forward as she’s been a supporter ever since the hospice cared for her father, Roy Donald, back in 2012!

Karen said: “The staff at the hospice are fantastic, they managed to get my dad strong enough to go home before he passed away which we’ll be forever grateful for. The staff not only helped my dad but supported all of our family too and always explained everything and involved us every step of the way.

“My employer, Freightliner, have always been great at supporting charities, so when they asked us to nominate a charity, I jumped at the chance to nominate the hospice, I always support the hospice where I can and try to spread awareness about them, and this was the perfect opportunity.”

Lindsey Richards of the hospice said: “Karen has always been a great supporter of our hospice, she regularly knits items for us to sell or raffle, most recently being a knitted gnome kitted out with the Freightliner logo!

“The hospice wants to thank Karen for everything she does, and we want to thank Freightliner for supporting us by choosing our hospice to benefit from their kind donation.”

St John’s Hospice is run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).To find out about becoming a sponsor or to fundraise by holding an event, please contact the fundraising team on 01302 796662 or 01302 798391. Alternatively you can donate here: