Xmas light up goes on online for first time in hospice’s history

Our hospice is broadcasting the Christmas tree lights switch on to a potentially world-wide audience this year.

Traditionally, the annual light up has attracted a large crowd of patients, staff and well-wishers, but current Government restrictions on outdoor gatherings have meant a new approach, with a video recording being made of the event for sharing on the internet.

Father Andy Graydon and Rev Michael Parnell from Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust’s (RDaSH) Chaplaincy were filmed blessing the tree at the rear of the building before the lights flickered into life.

Lindsey Richards, from the hospice, said: “It’s the first time since St John’s opened in 1992 that we haven’t been able to hold a public event to switch on the lights. It has always been an exciting, well attended occasion for us. But at least this way we have a recording of the event that can be seen by our friends and well-wishers across the world.

“We have four trees, full of lights, placed at strategic points around the hospice so all our patients can see at least one from their room.”

You can watch the five minutes long video on RDaSH’s YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/4KmVVJUdjlY