Centenarian donates birthday money to hospice appeal

When Scawthorpe great-great grandma Iris Mellor was gearing up to mark her 100th birthday she told family and friends not to buy gifts but to give her a donation instead.

The donations mounted up to £300 and Iris has this week donated the cash to our St John’s Hospice Appeal in Doncaster.

Iris, who celebrated her 100th birthday at the weekend, was surrounded by family and friends including five generations. She also received a birthday message from the Queen and from the Houses of Parliament via the Department of Works and Pensions.

Iris explained: “At my age there is nothing I want for my birthday so I thought it was a good idea to collect money for such a good cause – the hospice appeal.

“My daughter Betty used the hospice’s services seven years ago when she died of cancer, so I thought it was a good cause to donate the money to.”

Lindsey Richards, of the hospice appeal, said: “What a fantastic donation. All of our team at the hospice wish Iris a very happy 100th birthday and want to thank her so much for the amazing donation.”

Iris is pictured at the front surrounded by (from the left) Lindsey Richards of the hospice appeal, daughter-in-law Pat Evans, son Pete Evans, and Chris Smith, also of the hospice appeal.